BankLine’s Crypto ATM Operators Expanding Services to Puerto Rico

BankLine’s Crypto ATM Operators Expanding Services to Puerto Rico

Published Monday, June 27th, 2022

BankLine announced the addition of armored cash logistics services for Crypto ATMs in the commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

BankLine now provides Crypto-friendly banking and armored cash logistics  services in more than 300 markets across the USA, including Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico.

Expanding Crypto ATM Market Coverage

Puerto Rico, as a crypto-friendly country, is a fast growing market for the Crypto ATM industry. BankLine continues to make every effort in support of our clients and to help them scale their business. 

Services Designed Specifically For Crypto ATM Operators

BankLine’s partner financial institutions are Armored Carrier agnostic, providing BTM Operators several options for cash extraction and loading services.  A wider variety of options provides a Crypto ATM Operator increased leverage to negotiate for better pricing and improved service with their armored carriers.

Infrastructure Designed For A Rapidly Expanding Industry

BankLine has taken the lead in the Crypto ATM industry by providing multiple Crypto-friendly banking relationships which support more than 300 Virtual Vaults (Loomis, Brinks, & Garda). Expanding service to Puerto Rico is another example of BankLine’s continued efforts to support the needs of Crypto ATM operators  with banking services and cutting edge technologies exclusively designed for the Crypto ATM industry.

President and CEO of BankLine, Mark Ochab, commented that BankLine will continue to expand services to meet the needs of the crypto ATM industry in the US and abroad.

About BankLine

BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant financial institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the Crypto industry. BankLine’s network of Crypto-friendly banks and services helps mitigate the threat of bank discontinuance and provides ongoing, sustainable, and scalable banking and support services.

Each BankLine customer has a direct relationship at one or more of four FDIC insured financial institutions.  The accounts are titled in the business entity’s name and are exclusive for the entity’s activity.

BankLine’s partner financial institutions provide Over The Counter services in addition to contracting with more than 300 Loomis, Brinks, and Garda Cash Vault facilities,   servicing over 29,000 Crypto ATM locations across the USA and its territories. 

BankLine is now expanding Crypto-friendly banking and armored cash logistics services to the EU, UK, as well as Central and South America.