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BankLine is the only Bitcoin-friendly banking solution which provides reliable banking procurement and armored cash logistics services support for the Bitcoin ATM and Virtual Currency industries.

The Only Banking Relationship A Business Will Ever Need

Stable, Reliable and Secure Banking Services

We understand the varied banking needs of the Bitcoin services industry, and have partnered with Bitcoin-friendly depository institutions to create a portfolio of redundant Bitcoin friendly banking relationships ensuring reliable, sustainable banking services.

  • Redundant Banking
  • National Cash Logistics Support
  • Faster Capital Rotation
  • Full Service Banking

Trusted By Top Bitcoin Kiosk Operators

BankLine is the only Bitcoin-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant Bitcoin-friendly depository institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the virtual currency Industry. Our network of Bitcoin-friendly banks and services helps protect from the threat of bank discontinuance.

BankLine provides banking services to Bitcoin ATM operators, supporting hundreds of locations throughout the United States and its territories.  Our services facilitate business operations and growth, regardless of where a Bitcoin ATM Kiosk is located.

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Do funds collected at my location need to be sent to BankLine?

Funds collected from Bitcoin ATM locations are never sent to BankLine.  In fact, BankLine does not ever take possession of funds during any step of the transaction process.  Each bank account is opened in the company’s name, under the business entity’s EIN number, with all transaction data posted directly to the account.  Funds are typically settled within 48 hours of reception.

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Want To Provide Banking Services?

If your banking institution prides itself on a customer-first mentality, and is looking to offer banking services to the digital asset industry, contact BankLine today to find out why banking digital asset businesses is so important.

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