How It Works

For Crypto ATM Operators

Enabling Crypto ATM Company Expansion

BankLine provides a portfolio of redundant and reliable partner banks and a nationwide network of armored cash logistics service providers, eliminating the restrictions of a local bank’s service footprint. BankLine’s clients are able to scale across the contiguous United States and its territories.

Expanding Has Never Been Easier.

  • Account Setup

    BankLine is responsible for vetting all applicants for our FDIC insured partner financial institutions. BankLine helps our clients establish a direct relationship with the bank, which provides accounts exclusive for each business entity, titled in the entity’s name and E.I.N.
  • Determine Crypto ATM Locations

    BankLine works closely with our clients, partner banks, and vault service providers, to ensure proper credit for each Crypto ATM deposit and assists in resolving any potential issues.
  • Establish Cash Logistics

    BankLine accommodates our clients’ cash logistics service requirements by introducing them to a network of national and independent armored services providers, strategically located across the United States. By providing over 350 vaults across the US and its territories, BankLine’s clients are assured of the coverage necessary to scale their business.
  • Rotate Working Capital Faster

    Get access to your money faster. Deposited funds are cleared and available in your bank account within 24 hours.
  • Bank With Confidence

    The climate of de-risking shows not signs of improving, placing Crypto ATM operators in a position of balancing their drive for expansion with absence of reliable banking services. BankLine solves this issue for Crypto ATM operators by maintaining relationships with several Crypto-friendly financial institutions. This redundancy in bank partners provides BankLine’s clients with reliable banking service, eliminating the threat of bank discontinuance.
  • Redundant Bank Relationships

    BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of multiple banking partners servicing the varied needs of the digital currency industry. We provide a variety of banking services that protect OTC businesses and Crypto ATM Operators nationwide.

  • Cash Transportation Logistics

    A nationwide network of reliable cash logistics service providers and vault vendors provides BankLine’s clients the flexibility to expand into markets with greater demand.

  • Better Compliance

    BankLine’s partner financial institutions are dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry and protecting their clients business. Bankline’s depository institutions continually pass state and federal audits.

  • Nationwide Vaulting

    BankLine’s Crypto-friendly bank partners maintain relationships with Brinks, Loomis, and Garda to provide over 350 cash vaults across the United States and its territories. In addition, BankLine can assist Crypto ATM operators with regional support from reputable, qualified independent armored service providers.

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    From Crypto Services Weekly

    • BankLine Expands Partnerships in Wake of FTX
      In light of the recent bankruptcy of FTX and their affiliated companies, which may have repercussions for banks with similar liquidity exposure, BankLine ensures its clients maintain stable banking by increasing its portfolio of crypto-friendly partner financial institutions.
    • BankLine and B4U Bring Crypto to Cannabis
      BankLine expanded its portfolio of Crypto-friendly banks offering Provisional Posting – enabling overnight availability of funds for Crypto ATM operators.