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Each banking relationship is unique, however, several core questions are consistently asked by new customers

Simplifying The Banking Relationship

  • How long does it take to open an account?
    Account setup time frame is heavily dependent upon the amount of time it takes to receive a fully completed application package. As soon as BankLine has received a completed application, the account setup typically takes between two and four weeks.
  • Are there any limits to the amount of funds I’m able to deposit into my bank account or transfer out of my account?
    There are no limits to the number of transactions or deposits to/from the partnering depository institution.
  • How much time does it take for my funds to clear?
    Funds are credited to and available in the client bank account within 24 hours following receipt by the financial institution.
  • Does BankLine require Merchants to provide ongoing, transaction-level monitoring of our ATMs?
    BankLine simply requires that the Merchant provide the Customer Due Diligence of the sales activity to the bank.

    BankLine helps the Merchant integrate and deliver the information electronically, in the proper format, so the partnering bank can easily perform the required reporting for its Regulators and Examiners.

    BankLine never takes possession of any funds or the merchant’s customer data. BankLine simply provides on-boarding, vetting, customer service and administration for the Merchants we deliver to the financial institution.
  • Is there any special hardware that I need in order to transact business, in addition to my existing Crypto ATM machines?
    There is no additional hardware necessary to transact business with BankLine’s banking network. Funds can be transported, via armored courier, to the BankLine partnering institution.
  • Are there limits to the size of transactions?
    There are no limits, as long as the proper KYC information accompanies each transaction.
  • What paperwork is involved in applying for an account?
    BankLine provides each applicant with a comprehensive checklist of all corporate and financial documentation required. Our team assists you in organizing your information for presentation to our partner financial institutions.

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