BankLine Announces Next-Gen Banking For Crypto

BankLine Announces Next-Gen Banking For Crypto

Published Wednesday, October 30th, 2019

Crypto companies get much-needed protection

Miami, FL – BankLine, a Miami based service provider, works in partnership with a portfolio of Crypto-friendly banks, providing much needed banking and cash logistics services to the Cryptocurrency industry.  BankLine is the only company in the crypto industry providing ‘multiple banks under one roof’.

The BankLine team has extensive experience delivering banking services for the Money Services Business (MSB) industry and continues its successful approach with Cryptocurrency customers by providing redundant banking relationships and services, helping to mitigate the potential threat of bank discontinuance. 

Cash Vaulting In 50+ Markets

Working in partnership with institutional and independent Armored Cash Logistics companies, BankLine currently supports Cash Vaults in more than 50 markets across the country, with access to more than 150 Cash Vaults nationwide.

BankLine’s Crypto BTM Operators are able to process cash deposits from Crypto BTM locations to the Operating bank account via armored cash logistics service.  Depending on the market, funds post to the Operating Account within 24 to 72 hours following cash pickup. BTM Operators may then wire transfer funds for purchase of additional cryptocurrency. 

BankLine is also providing banking relationships for Online Cryptocurrency companies in need of a Merchant Account to receive wire transfer payments from US consumers for purchases of Cryptocurrency. 

ACH Options Now Available For Crypto Businesses

BankLine’s most recent banking partner provides valuable ACH services allowing electronic payroll disbursements, rent and utilities payment, and the ability to reconcile receivables derived from ‘behind the counter’ sales.   The platform is ‘bank agnostic’ allowing customers to send funds to or withdraw funds from any US financial institution. 

Mitigating Risk & Increasing Profitability

BankLine assists each customer in establishing a “direct relationship” with a qualified US Crypto-friendly financial institution willing to provide the vital banking services required for successful business operations and greater profitability. 

The benefit for BankLine’s network of financial institutions is the mitigation of a company’s risk of a single point of failure – ensuring ongoing, sustainable and scalable business operations for our customers and partner financial institutions.