BankLine Launches Garda Vaulting in 8 U.S. Cities

BankLine Launches Garda Vaulting in 8 U.S. Cities

Published Thursday, May 24th, 2018

BankLine has initiated GardaWorld’s Vaulting and “first line” services in 8 key cryptocurrency markets in the United States. Garda’s innovative cash logistics services enable BankLine’s BTC ATM operator clients to securely transport, store, and process their cash. Since BTC ATMs rely on efficient and reliable cash logistics services, this new partnership is changing the game for BankLine’s clients.

Expanded Crypto Cash Vaulting

BankLine’s crypto-friendly banking partners have established a CIT relationship with GardaWorld for national cash service. This partnership supports BTC ATM merchants with access to more than 250 secured operation centers and cash vaults nationwide. BTM ATM operators may also use one of their local carriers to deliver to a local Garda Vault, giving them flexibility in how they take advantage of this new partnership to best serve their business.

BankLine now offers crypto cash vaulting in partnership with GardaWorld in the following major U.S. cities:

  1. Chicago
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Las Vegas
  4. Nashville
  5. Charlotte
  6. Austin
  7. Houston
  8. Cleveland

BankLine & GardaWorld

GardaWorld is the fastest growing cash services provider in the nation offering currency processing, secure transportation of assets, and end-to-end cash services. With 250+ secured operation centers, a fleet of more than 3,000 armored vehicles, and a team of financial professionals, Garda is ready to help BTMs operate efficiently and compliantly.

Garda’s convenient armored truck transport, secure cash vaulting, and robust ATM services ensure that BTMs are poised to take advantage of explosive industry growth. BTM ATMs need safe and secure cash processing and transportation services to operate. Garda goes above and beyond with a reduced risk profile through a single chain of custody.

Crypto-Friendly Banking

BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution providing reliable banking procurement and armored cash logistics services for the the Bitcoin ATM and virtual currency industry. BankLine has partnered with two crypto-friendly banking partners and is now accepting applications for banking services from Bitcoin ATM companies. 

As big banks continue to de-risk, they are either closing down cryptocurrency-related business accounts or refusing to serve them in the first place. For BTM operators, this can eliminate expansion opportunities or even force a business to close. In an industry that is experiencing growth and and a push for widespread adoption, unreliable banking is crushing.

BTM operators who are able to find crypto-friendly banking partners are forced to travel long distances to deposit or withdraw cash. In many cases, BTM operators are spending hours driving across state lines – hours they could be using to improve and expand their business operations. A reliable crypto-friendly banking partner frees up BTM operators to focus on their business so that they can serve their customers and take advantage of growth in the cryptocurrency industry.

BankLine & Fiserv

BankLine’s Crypto-friendly financial institutions have Fiserv’s CorPoint® technology, enabling BankLIne’s BTM operators to send files daily for provisional credit on sales activity. CorPoint from Fiserv is an end-to-end cash management solution that supports efficient, controlled and cost-effective cash operations.

BTMs using CorPoint can place online orders through a web portal or automated telephone system. Intelligent safes offer deposit tracking, provision credit, and enhanced merchant reconciliation. CorPoint gives BTM operators a single data access point for sharing essential information across their cash supply chain. The vertical integration with the bank’s core processor allows for BankLine Merchants to rotate their working capital faster and operate more efficiently delivering greater profit.

In partnership with Garda and Fiserv, BankLine is revolutionizing how Bitcoin ATMs operate in the United States.