BankLine Expands Banking Services To Online Cryptocurrency Companies

BankLine Expands Banking Services To Online Cryptocurrency Companies

Published Friday, July 26th, 2019

New Services Support Online Cryptocurrency Companies Engaged in Over-the-Counter Sales

MIAMI, July 26, 2019 — BankLine forges key relationship with third Crypto-friendly banking partner, offering services exclusively to companies engaged in “Online” or “OTC” Cryptocurrency sales.

BankLine’s newest banking partner provides US based Cryptocurrency companies facilities for inbound and outbound domestic wire transfers as well as ACH credits and debits.

This new partner joins BankLine’s two existing Crypto-friendly Depository Institutions, supporting cash logistics services in over fifty markets nationwide for the BTM industry.

What BankLine offers their BTM clients:

  • Redundant Crypto Friendly Banking
    BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant Crypto-friendly banks willing to serve the varied needs of the Crypto ATM industry thus mitigating the threat of bank discontinuance.
  • Cash Transportation Logistics for the BTM Industry
    Transporting cash to and from our customers’ BTM locations, our cash logistics vendor partnerships facilitate the ability to safely move cash from remote locations to area vaults, giving our customers the flexibility they need to expand into customer-rich territory without local manpower.
  • Access to 150+ Cash Vaults Nationwide
    BankLine’s Crypto-friendly banking partners have established a CIT relationship with Garda and are willing to support BTM Operators’ access to more than 150 cash vaults and more than 200 branch locations nationwide.

These invaluable BTM services, in addition to online sales, AML/BSA compliance, access to B2B ACH Debit/Credit facilities, and speed of execution, makes BankLine the only reliable full service banking solution in the Cryptocurrency industry.

BankLine provides “overnight” posting of funds in select markets in the US, and continues to work closely with their banking partners to implement a national Provisional Posting Program by the end of Q1 2020.

President and CEO of BankLine, Mark Ochab, asserts, “Our recent expansion of services and our continued dedication to serving the BTM industry helps our clients to simplify their banking relationships while reducing the time it takes for their cash to cycle to and from the business operating account and their kiosks.”

About Bankline

BankLine was founded on a very simple principle: to provide the most consistent banking environment for BTM companies. BankLine is dedicated to providing the best Crypto-friendly depository services in the industry.