BankLine BTM Operators Benefit from Availability of Funds in 48 Hours

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BankLine BTM Operators Benefit from Availability of Funds in 48 Hours

Published Saturday, June 30th, 2018

BankLine’s BTM Operator clients receive availability of their funds in as little as 48 hours from point of service.

BankLine’s partnerships with our Bitcoin-friendly banking partners and GardaWorld’s vaulting network allow our Bitcoin ATM (BTM) clients to receive credit on cash deposits from the point of service within 48 to 72 hours. Keep reading to learn how this partnership will transform your Bitcoin ATM business.

BankLine Supports Efficient BTM Operations

When operating a Bitcoin ATM (BTM), efficiency can make or break your business. Vertically integrated Banking and Cash Logistics allow for more efficient control of funds flow as well as a faster response time for service related issues. Whether you are operating one-way or two-way machines, rotating cash between your BTM kiosk and your business bank account is a critical business function.

Institutional banks continue to keep their doors closed to Bitcoin-related businesses, leaving BTM operators without a local or regional business bank account. If BTM operators are able to find a bank account, they are most likely unreliable and a great distance away from the BTMs. This introduces an additional problem, determining how to securely transport cash to and from the BTM.

BankLine solves these critical problems by offering reliable Bitcoin-friendly business bank accounts and access to GardaWorld’s cash vaulting network. Instead of driving hundreds of miles round trip to rotate cash, BTM operators are able to schedule pick-up and delivery between their crypto BTMs and their operating bank account.

A Solution for the Virtual Currency Industry

BankLine’s business model is based on improving the acceleration of the BTM Operator’s working capital to their merchant account. This is the opposite philosophy of the traditional banking model, one based on trapping and floating capital for as long as possible.

BankLine fulfills the need for reliable banking services. BankLine’s objective is to make funds available to our clients as soon as possible, within 48 to 72 hours. Improved rotation of working capital allows BankLine’s BTM clients to manage their business more efficiently while achieving greater profits.

According to Coin ATM Radar, there are 3,353 Bitcoin ATMS in 71 countries worldwide as of June 2018. Every day, several more BTMs are installed and the industry shows signs of continuing growth. As BTM operators rush to scale their operations, nationwide cash logistics and reliable business banking become even more critical. Partner with BankLine for increased efficiency, rapid rotation of your working capital, and access to our team of cryptocurrency experts.