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How It Works

the science behind enabling Bitcoin ATM company growth

With Cash Logistics services coverage across the contiguous United States, BankLine allows Bitcoin ATM companies to eliminate the restrictions of the service footprint of a local financial institution and expand beyond those boundaries to compete for business on a national level.

Open More Locations. Earn More Revenue.

Expanding has never been easier.

Account Setup

BankLine serves their BTM clients by providing access to full service banking solutions. Each BankLine customer has a “direct” relationship with the depository institution. The accounts are titled in the business entities name, held under the entity’s E.I.N, and is exclusively for the entity’s activity, at a FDIC insured depository institution.

Determine BTM Locations

BankLine provides BTM Operators full service banking services combined with nationwide cash vault services and “first-line” maintenance.

Specify Service Needs

BankLine can accommodate BTM Operators with service in a specific markets using a network of qualified Independent Armored Car companies strategically located across the United States.

Rotate Working Capital Faster

By accelerating the rotation of working capital, a BTM operator can maximize profit while reducing liability. Cash logistics also allows a BTM company to expand beyond their local service footprint and compete for business on a national level.”

Bank With Confidence

The climate of derisking shows no signs of improving. This puts BTM operators in a precarious position where they are balancing their drive for expansion with the absence of reliable banking services. BankLine was founded to solve this problem for BTM operators. BankLine maintains multiple Crypto-friendly banking relationships, providing BankLine customers redundancies in banking solutions, thereby reducing the threat of bank discontinuance.

BankLine gives you the power to grow

Vaults Everywhere

BankLine's Crypto-friendly banking partners have established a CIT relationship with Garda and are willing to support BTM Operators’ access to more than 150 cash vaults and more than 200 branch locations nationwide. Additionally, BankLine is a member of IACOA and can assist Bitcoin ATM Operators with regional support from qualified independent Armored Couriers.

Cash Transportation Logistics

Transporting cash to and from our customers’ BTM locations, our cash logistics vendor partnerships facilitate the ability to safely move cash from remote locations to area vaults, giving our customers the flexibility they need to expand into customer-rich territory without local manpower

Redundant Bank Relationships

BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant Crypto-friendly depository institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the Virtual Currency industry. Our network of Crypto-friendly banks and service providers help to protect from the threat of bank discontinuance.

Unparalleled Customer Service & Support

Our experienced staff will walk you through every step of the application process, and answer any questions that arise along the way.

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Trusted By Top Bitcoin Kiosk Operators

BankLine is the only crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of redundant cryptocurrency-friendly depository institutions willing to serve the varied needs of the virtual currency industry. Our network of Bitcoin-friendly banks and services helps protect from the threat of bank discontinuance.

BankLine provides banking services to cryptocurrency ATM operators, supporting hundreds of locations throughout the United States and its territories.  Our services facilitate business operations and growth, regardless of where a cryptocurrency ATM kiosk is located.

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© Copyright 2018 BankLine, LLC. All Rights Reserved.