How It Works

For Online Crypto Companies

Online Crypto companies grow with confidence through redundant, Crypto-friendly banking

BankLine’s digital asset support framework ensures that online Crypto businesses get access to faster transaction execution times, insulation from policy-based bank termination, and the power to grow!

Faster Transactions Means More Efficient Trades

  • Account Setup

    Upon completion of BankLine’s application process each Merchant Account will have a direct relationship with one of BankLIne’s partner financial institutions. The Account is established in the name of the business, under the business EIN, and is exclusive for the MErchant’s activity at a US FDIC insured depository institution.
  • Service Transactions Faster

    BankLine’s partner financial institutions are aware of the time sensitive nature associated with the Merchant’s needs and are committed to providing the fastest execution possible.
  • Operate With Impunity

    Manage daily business operations without worrying about bank discontinuance or limitations placed on transition activity. BankLine provides our Online Merchants the ability to service customers across the United States and its territories.
  • Grow With Confidence

    BankLine provides our Merchants with multiple Crypto-friendly banking partners, allowing our clients to focus on scaling their business with confidence.
  • Redundant Bank Relationships

    BankLine is the only Crypto-friendly banking solution that offers a portfolio of multiple banking partners servicing the varied needs of the digital currency industry. We provide a variety of banking services that protect digital exchanges and BTM Operators nationwide.

  • Cash Transportation Logistics

    Transporting cash to and from our customers’ BTM locations, our cash logistics vendor partnerships facilitate the ability to safely move cash from remote locations to area vaults, giving our customers the flexibility they need to expand into customer-rich territory without local manpower

  • Compliant Banking

    BankLine’s partner financial institutions are dedicated to the cryptocurrency industry and protecting their clients business. Bankline’s depository institutions have successfully passed multiple state and federal audits.

  • Vaults Everywhere

    BankLine’s Crypto-friendly banking partners have established a CIT relationship with Garda and are willing to support BTM Operators’ access to more than 150 cash vaults and more than 200 branch locations nationwide. Additionally, BankLine is a member of IACOA and can assist Crypto ATM Operators with regional support from qualified independent Armored Couriers.

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    From Crypto Services Weekly

    • BankLine Expands Partnerships in Wake of FTX
      In light of the recent bankruptcy of FTX and their affiliated companies, which may have repercussions for banks with similar liquidity exposure, BankLine ensures its clients maintain stable banking by increasing its portfolio of crypto-friendly partner financial institutions.
    • BankLine and B4U Bring Crypto to Cannabis
      BankLine expanded its portfolio of Crypto-friendly banks offering Provisional Posting – enabling overnight availability of funds for Crypto ATM operators.